I have a life long passion for flowers; I view my work as a floral designer as providing more than a service... in some ways it's almost a ministry: a means of softening the harsh edges of the world.


Something Special with Flowers is your source for floral art for any occasion. We can create beautiful designs for your next holiday, wedding, birthday or special occasion that will make the whole room bright and cheery. We also can arrange your sympathy flowers to let someone know you are thinking of them.

Preparing a funeral is never easy and we would like to help take some of that burden away. When you decide to have Something Special with Flowers create the floral designs for the funeral ceremony all you have to do is tell us what you have in mind and approve the final result, we will take care of the rest.

Sending sympathy flowers is no easy task either. In a down time beautifully designed floral art can raise someone's spirits enough to get through it. If somebody close to you has been hurt or lost a loved one and you would like to send sympathy flowers, than look no further. We can arrange a bouquet that will let them know they have friends that care.

Flowers aren't just for bad times but getting sympathy flowers can make anyone in a bad situation feel a little better. Flowers make happy times happier and sad time a little better.

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